hidden hills gate


CLIENT: Hidden Hills Community Association

PROJECT: Design a new look for the city's main entrance over updated guardhouse. Create a more contemporary look while still maintaining the western equestrian feeling of this upscale community.

DETAILS: Located on the outskirts of Los Angeles County, the City of Hidden Hills was established in the 1950's as an equestrian community with 40 miles of trails that weave through about 700 homes. The city is an oasis that creates a community of neighbors who share values of  "country living" all within the confines of a busy city. The client wanted a refreshing new look for the entrance signage that spans across the guard gate and road to replace the old rotting signage from the 1950's.

MATERIALS: Wood, Iron, Illumination

National Building

CLIENT: Spenga Gym

PROJECT: Storefront sign and Roof Top sign

DETAILS: DAY/NIGHT Illuminated storefront wall sign. appears black in day and white at night when illuminated. Also replaced Rooftop signage.

MATERIALS: Exterior Sign: Channel letters, Day-Night illumination, LED lights plus Lexan (polycarbonate) rooftop sign with vinyl graphics

Harley-Davidson Signage

CLIENT: Mulholland Harley-Davidson

PROJECT: Design exterior wall signage and free-standing pole sign for new franchise.

DETAILS: Wall signs covered all 4 sides of building. Designed new illuminated signage and banners for building. Created 42' pole sign and obtained permits through city for client. LED retrofit existing fluorescent cabinet

MATERIALS: Channel letters, halo lighting, LED lights plus scrim vinyl for banners.

National Building

CLIENT: Optimum Seismic

PROJECT: National Apartment Building Signage

DETAILS: Designed new illuminated signage and ALL ADA Signage for building interior. Exterior sign is a Trimless Halo-Illuminated sign. All ADA Signs use Chemetal brass and black.

MATERIALS: Exterior Sign: Channel letters, halo lighting, LED lights plus scrim vinyl for banners. ADA: Chemetal laminate over acrylic, painted sides

North Ranch Restaurant

CLIENT: Griffin Fine Living

PROJECT: Formal Dining Restaurant sign for upscale senior living facility

DETAILS: Design, Manufacture and Installed sign to go on paneled wall.

MATERIALS: Gold and silver anodized metal letters, standoffs and duranodic bronze flat cut letters

Varenita lobby sign

Varenita Lobby Sign

CLIENT: Griffin Fine Living

PROJECT: Lobby sign for upscale senior living facility

DETAILS: Design, Manufacture and Installed sign to go behind reception desk.

MATERIALS: Gold and silver anodized metal letters, standoffs and a frosted acrylic backer


CLIENT: Herbalife | Proactive Gym

PROJECT: Design wall graphic lettering and all interior door signage

MATERIALS: Brushed Aluminum stud mounted

Herbalife-Proactive Gym

ACE | Alliance for Community Empowerment

CLIENT: ACE, Alliance For Community Empowerment

PROJECT: Design signage for exterior of building

DETAILS: Working with the limited wall space, we were able to design a solution which incorporated halo-illumination to make best use of the wall.

MATERIALS: Fabricated aluminum painted in Duranodic Bronze, backlit Halo-Illumination

Spirits & Spice

CLIENT: Spirits & Spice

PROJECT: Design logo, company identity, packaging, marketing materials and interior & exterior building signage for beverage and spice company. Carry the new look throughout 3 store locations including Las Vegas, Sedona & Jackson Hole.

DETAILS: With store locations in Las Vegas, Sedona & Jackson Hole, this established beverage and spice company broke away from their existing franchise and sought out to reinvent their image and name. The logo was created to capture the image of a higher end look without departing far from their hand-crafted theme. Illuminated signage was used in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas which complimented that arena, while a more subtle approach was used for both artsy Sedona and Jackson Hole locations

MATERIALS: Painted HDU in Sedona & Jackson Hole, Illuminated Channel Letters in Las Vegas

ss sign
gtfas lobby

GROBSTEIN TEEPLE, LLP | Reception sign and desk

CLIENT: Grobstein Teeple, LLP

PROJECT: Design lobby sign and reception desk for Woodland Hills office – interior signage

DETAILS: We helped develop and design the logo for this company as well as offer several design concepts for the lobby signage. We also presented the reception desk design in order to tie the whole concept throughout.

MATERIALS: Painted Acrylic, Vinyl Decals

Chabad of Malibu

CLIENT: Chabad of Malibu

PROJECT: Arched Sign

DETAILS: Printed and manufactured a 2-sided internally illuminated 7' x 5' sign. Output on a large format printer to provide a seamless piece.

MATERIALS: Polycarbonate with printed vinyl

VOS Signage

Valley Outreach Synagogue (VOS)

CLIENT: Valley Outreach Synagogue

PROJECT: Interior Lobby Signage

DETAILS: Designed interior wall signage for synagogue which included a Large Donor Wall Sign, a Naming Wall Sign and Founder Wall Plaque.  The large Donor wall sign was 12' wide and needed to be expandable, so the use of a modular system attached by cleats along with the use of Lexan prints sandwiched between 2 acrylic panels provided the perfect solution.

MATERIALS: Oak Veneer, Acrylic, Brushed Aluminum Standoffs, Lexan Prints, Vinyl & Brushed Aluminum lettering

Prop Heaven Building Signage

CLIENT: Prop Heaven

PROJECT: Design logo, company identity and all exterior building signage for company. Carry the new look onto the 5 buildings exteriors as well as way-finding signs and directional parking signs.

DETAILS: Located in Burbank, this amazing prop rental facility has an enormous collection of items which most movie studios use for set rentals. For about 50 years, Prop Heaven has graced the film and TV industry with it's ever growing collection used in countless productions. Operating under the former name of Lennie Marvin, the company finally made the name change to Prop Heaven. Not only was the design painstakingly crafted, but the signage and positioning needed to be strategically sized and positioned for impact and clarity.

MATERIALS: Painted Acrylic, PVC

prop[ heaven building sign

LBPM | Aspire Van wrap

CLIENT: LBPM | Aspire Northridge

PROJECT: Company Van Wrap

DETAILS: Located in Northridge by CSUN campus, this elegant and highly designed apartment building wanted to brand their company vehicle. Custom Building Signage design all graphics to decorate van and provided installation.


Classic Financial

CLIENT: Classic Financial

PROJECT: Lobby sign for financial planner in Westlake.

DETAILS: Design, Manufacture and Installed sign to be installed in lobby.

MATERIALS: Silver polished chrome letters.

Lussier Building Signage

CLIENT: Lussier

PROJECT: Exterior "Halo" Building Signage

DETAILS: Created an aluminum sign out of logo. Added the border around and designed with interior LED lights to create a "Halo" effect at night. Installation on the 4th floor exterior of building in Burbank, CA

MATERIALS: Painted Aluminum with LED lights

Spirits & Spice Acrylic Sign

CLIENT: Spirits & Spice

PROJECT: Acrylic Sign for cash/wrap area.

DETAILS: CBS designed this large acrylic sign as a high-profile focal point design piece for both the Las Vegas Store in the Venetian Hotel on the strip as well as for the Sedona store location.Design logo, company identity, packaging, marketing materials and interior & exterior building signage for beverage and spice company. Carry the new look throughout 3 store locations including Las Vegas, Sedona & Jackson Hole.

MATERIALS: 1/2" thick acrylic, copper standoffs, 4/c decal

Spirits & Spice Acrylic Sign
Tio Sam Logo

Tio Sam Storefront Signage


PROJECT: Storefront Signage for 3 office locations

DETAILS: Beginning with the logo, we custom branded the entire Tio Sam Stores per the business model. Located in the San Fernando Valley, we custom designed and produced the signage for their flagship store in Winnetka, and followed up at the newer Oxnard & Simi Valley locations. Channel Cut LED Illuminated Signs as well as Vinyl Window Decals

MATERIALS: Painted PVC, Channel Cut LED Illuminated

Bodywerks Rejuvenation Spa

CLIENT: Bodywerks Rejuvenation Spa

PROJECT: ADA Signage and Interior Signage

DETAILS: Created a signage plan for interior space

MATERIALS: PVC and Vinyl Decals

Bodywerks Spa

Multiple Services JMB

CLIENT: Multiple Services JMB

PROJECT: Signage for storefront

DETAILS: Located in Thousand Oaks, CA,  this local store needed storefront signage.

MATERIALS: Laser Cut Acrylic

Revolution Media Monument Sign

CLIENT: Revolution Media & CAMG

PROJECT: Design monument sign for building – exterior signage

DETAILS: Located in Woodland Hills, the media and marketing firm needed a monument sign to be designed outside their building.

MATERIALS: Silkscreened on Metal

revolution media monument
prop heaven praking lot

Prop Heaven Parking Lot Sign

CLIENT: Prop Heaven

PROJECT: Directional signage for parking lot

DETAILS: All part of the larger project, the parking lot required a double-sided sign to show customers where to park as well as introduce the building numbers. The sign was erected using two existing poles in the main parking lot. The sign design is very clean and clear which is very effective in doing it's job while keeping true to the brand.

MATERIALS: Die-bond, Metal

Times Square Digital Signage

CLIENT: Skip Film

PROJECT: Design digital signage for the Step Up 3D movie on the American Eagle Store in Times Square – exterior signage

DETAILS: Using footage and stills from film, we needed to design images for the 8 various sized digital displays outside the storefront.

MATERIALS: Rotational Digital Display

step up

Tio Sam Oxnard Window Decals


PROJECT: Design signage for storefront in Oxnard store location

DETAILS: This accounting services company markets themselves towards the Latino community providing essential tax and business services. We designed the office location located within the Vallarta Market in Oxnard. Vinyl decals custom cut and adhered to windows in 2 languages.

MATERIALS: Adhesive Vinyl

Tio Sam window decals

Apartment Building Logo and Lettering Design

CLIENT: DRL Management Company

PROJECT: Building Logo & Vacancy Sign

DETAILS: Create a logo for property and manufacture logo to be installed onto building. Custom built wood-grain HDU sign with custom frame for lawn.

MATERIALS: PVC stud mounted onto existing shake tiles. Hand painted HDU sign with woodgrained texture.

Residential Wayfinding Signage

CLIENT: Palisades HOA-3

PROJECT: Create Identity & Wayfinding Signage for Residential Community

DETAILS: Designed 31 signs including maps, code signs and directional signage which were installed strategically throughout this 8-acre property with 11 buildings and 115 units

MATERIALS: Carved Redwood, hand painted

Palisades HOA3 sign
Highlands Park Monument

Highlands Park Monument

CLIENT: Highlands Park

PROJECT: Design monument for a private gated park in Pacific Palisades

DETAILS: Boulder design with stamped & painted letters

MATERIALS: Real Stone & Concrete aggregate

Apartment Building Hanging Vacancy Sign

CLIENT: DRL Management Company

PROJECT: Lynn Villa Apartment Sign

DETAILS: Added hanging vacancy sign

MATERIALS: HDU woodgrain texture, 3" hollow metal posts with caps

Lynn Villa
hanging vacancy sign

Apartment Building Hanging Vacancy Sign

CLIENT: Property Management Company

PROJECT: Create a double-sided hanging vacancy sign

DETAILS: Added riders for inserts

MATERIALS: MDO material, riders

Apartment Building Hanging Vacancy Sign

CLIENT: DRL Management Company

PROJECT: Create a double-sided hanging vacancy sign

DETAILS: Added riders for inserts, printed inserts

MATERIALS: MDO material plus capping, riders

rekal court